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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leadership Characteristics

Jeff Blackman, TEC/Vistage Resource Speaker and business growth specialist, listed in his July 2010 Newsletter, 12 characteristics that are shared by great leaders. I wanted to share them with you.

Great leaders:

1. create a culture of trust and integrity

2. are flexible and willing to change, improve, enhance and upgrade

3. make tough decisions...knowing some folks "ain’t gonna like it"

4. value their people and their knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm

5. challenge the status quo

6. are highly disciplined, especially about time or self-management

7. delegate to others who can “do it” faster, better or smarter (and then get out of their way)

8. make today meaningful, yet always have a vision for tomorrow

9. seek honest and hard-hitting outside counsel, (they know what they don’t know...and want to hear what they haven’t heard)

10. are focused on the acquisition, satisfaction and retention of quality clients, customers and employees

11. listen, listen, listen

12. ask intelligent generate significant results

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