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Monday, February 17, 2014

More on Core Values

In the October 2013 issue of Working Knowledge published by the Harvard Business School, Michael Blanding reports on the work of Harvard Business School Professor Joseph Badaracco who finds that struggle can be  something to embrace for the meaning it gives our lives, not something to be avoided.  In the article, Professor Badaracco points the need for leaders to have strong core values.

These core values fall into three categories.
  • The first is clarity.  That is, you should not just be transparent about your business practices, but be honest and upfront with customers, partners, and employees about your commitments and goals—and, above all, the hard problems and threats facing your organization.
  • Second, leaders need to champion "meaningful projects"—not small contributions to some grand long-term vision, but rather shorter-term projects with tangible goals that unite and excite the members of the team.
  • Finally, because intense performance pressure and complexity can lead to temptations to violate ethical and legal standards, leaders have to draw clear lines and let employees know that crossing them will bring serious or severe consequences. This requires firmly leading by example.
These guidelines aren't always easy for leaders to follow. But, Badaracco argues, those who do will reap more lasting satisfaction from their work.  And the struggle to do so will be worth it.

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